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It is one of the major luxury brand offering hundreds of styles each made out of superb quality. They manufacture footwear since 1928, initially launched by 2 partners named Eddie and Trafton. Their business quickly gained momentum and is currently very successful all around the world.
Adelaide Caneel Caracus Dwight Mina
Nantucket Panama Penny Skylar Trinidad Yoselin
Customer Review:
Anna R writes on Carma Pump: - One of the most comfortable shoes I own. Love them. I bought another pair and am considering a third. I have a narro fit and the straps are perfect, many sandals that I order on line are too large in the straps. They look a little retro 70's, but I think they are cool. Extremely comfortable! Great, great sandal. My only problem was that one of the straps digs in a bit to the side of the foot. However, I am not sure how the shoe could be designed without this flaw. So comfortable for the bottom of the feet. Best shoes ever! I now own 3 pairs of these shoes, and they are just wonderful. I have lousy feet, and these shoes provide lots of support and are great for walking. They are comfortable, look good, and I get lots of compliments. I can't rate them highly enough. The adjustable strap allows for a perfect fit.
I was delighted when I received this shoe. I bought the turquoise with the brown sole, and loved it. The straps are soft and the footbed is comfortable. I love the look of this shoe, as it is very flattering and feminine. Since I live where the weather is warm much of the year, and sandals are almost a year round clothing accessory, I intend to buy another pair in a different color. Cole Haan Outlet Store
WOW! The moment that I put these shoes on, I knew that they were something special. My foot thanked me. A wonderful fit, alot of support which is very important to me since I have smaller children to run after. I will probably be a Dansko wearer for life.

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